Sertraline – 1 Month
399 incl. Tax
Sertraline – 3 Months
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Have you been anxious about your performance in bed and feel like you’re ejaculating too early? If you think that you’re coming too soon and unable to satisfy your partner, you may be right. And no matter how much your partner tries to comfort you, you still feel like you’re somehow unable to meet their expectations. Well, this won’t happen anymore cause we’ve the perfect solution for you- sertraline.

A popular antidepressant, sertraline, is a medicine that’s prescribed to treat premature ejaculation. It allows you to take better control, so you can enjoy long lasting sex.


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How it works?

Sertarline is a super active ingredient that helps to elevate the brain’s serotonin levels. When taken in the prescribed quantity, it can help manage premature ejaculation without lowering the sensitivity of the penis.

How To Use



Apply the solution to the affected area twice a day.

Gently massage the solution for 5-10 minutes to spread it evenly across the scalp.



Apply the solution to the affected area twice a day.

Gently massage the solution for 5-10 minutes to spread it evenly across the scalp.

What You Expect

Before 3 Months

Sertarline can help take better control of your penile erection and ejaculation when consumed regularly. It lets you take a charge of your sex life, so you can enjoy more and worry less.

1-2 Months: Save it

There will likely be no visible change in the first 2 months. Though some people may shed more fine hairs than before. This is temporary & normal.

3-6 Months: Regrow it

At this point, it may become noticeable that hair loss has slowed, stopped, or in some cases maybe even reversed. Take photos to track your progress.

6 Months & Beyond

By now, hair loss may have considerably slowed or stopped, and some people may see signs of regrowth(usually at the crown of the head.)


Picture of a member taken after 6 months of Finasteride

hair care, dandruff

What you can’t expect?

Quick Results

We don’t claim overnight success. Just like all the good things in life, our solution takes time, but is definitely here to stay.

Work equally for all

Everyone’s body and genes are different, so our solution may work differently for everyone.

True Love

Our solution may want your partner more conducive to running fingers around your hair, so use that power wisely.


How often should I consume it?

Usually, one to two capsules of Sertarline are recommended to consume in a day. However, do consult with your healthcare expert and strictly abide by it since the dosage may differ for everyone.

Are there any side effects to Sertarline?

While it’s usually safe as long as you’re consuming it as recommended, it may have some side effects. Nausea, excessive sweating, indigestion, fatigue, drowsiness, to name a few. These symptoms are usually mild and go away with time. However, if they don’t, you must consult a healthcare expert.

Is there a problem if I skip one dose?

If you miss one dose by chance, it won’t really be a problem. Just don’t try to overdo the dosage to make up for the skipped one. That would do more harm than good.

Can children consume Sertarline?

Never. Since the drug is very powerful in nature, it is only meant for consumption by adults. Children should certainly refrain from it.

Why trust it?

We don’t serve any magical potion but rather only FDA approved scientific solutions that are known to treat scientific disorders. They are known to provide effective and long lasting results.


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